JMCSS adds temporary committee for Education Foundation

JACKSON, Tenn. — Jackson-Madison County School Board leaders approved and discussed numerous topics during their monthly board meeting.

Jackson Madison County Board Of Education

This included the board chairman adding a temporary committee for the Jackson-Madison County School System Education Foundation.

“We’ll have the committee look at the current model and determine if we want to revise it or create a new model. What we want to do is make it active, and it’s an alive document so that when someone asks us, we can direct them straight to the foundation,” said School Board Chairman Pete Johnson.

The foundation was re-established in 2017 and helps the school system raise funds.

“It accumulates funds to help assist us with projects. For instance, capital or even academic projects that we may have for a particular school or for the system,” Johnson said.

A new drone policy was added to the school system.

Jackson Madison County Board Of Education

“What we want to make sure is that if there are drones used by visitors or anybody in the system, that they go through the proper process. They can get the proper permission, and that way we can go through the process of having it documented, and we know that they’re going to be on site,” Johnson said.

Plus school leaders will be able to visit Madison Academic to review construction progress.

“We’re able to move furniture into the building so that way we know that there’s some formidable completion,” Johnson said. “I wanted to make sure the board sees that status of completion before all the furniture is moved in and before the final completion.”

School board leaders also recognized Jackson-Madison County School nurses during the meeting. There is now a nurse assigned to every school in the school system.

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