Educator of the Week: Kim Hosea

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Kim Hosea

Kim Hosea has been teaching for over 20 years, but says it was the career who chose her.

“I think teaching is kind of a calling. I think it’s just something you feel, something that you know,” Hosea said.

Hosea wanted to help elementary students build their foundations, and that is just what she’s doing at West Hardin Elementary with her third grade class.

“Elementary level is the shaping of the child and sets the foundation, and I wanted to be a part of that,” Hosea said.

Hosea always wants her students to feel welcome in her classroom.

“I try to let them know that I’m here for them. It’s not all about academics, and I care about them as a person,” Hosea said.

And while she has learned a lot over the years, Hosea says one thing she wished she had known earlier was to be herself.

“Don’t try to fit a mold. Don’t try to be another teacher. Be who you are because your personality as a teacher needs to be in that classroom,” Hosea said.

And by being herself, her students can see they don’t need to be perfect.

“Because even being able to admit, ‘I made a mistake,’ or ‘Let me try that again.’ For them to be able to see me as a real person, allows them to know that they can mess up,” Hosea said.

A successful school year to Hosea is one filled with meaningful relationships with her students.

“A successful school year is on the last day, when they say, ‘But Ms. Kim, I want to stay.’ That’s how I know I’ve done my job,” Hosea said.

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