Weakley County couple works to rescue dogs from being euthanized

GREENFIELD, Tenn. — Halfway Home Animal Rescue in Greenfield was started in 2020 by Amber and Brandon Reynolds.

What prompted the couple to start the shelter was seeing an increase of dogs being abandoned and euthanized at other shelters due to space issues.

“99% of the ones we rescue, if they were not picked up by Amber, then they would be put to sleep somewhere in a kill facility, so I mean, it’s a life or death situation,” said Brandon Reynolds.

Reynolds says during the pandemic, the rescue has had to work even harder with the sudden increase of dogs being let go.

“I don’t know if it’s a financial situation where they can’t take care of them, or if they got the dog during the pandemic when they were off work, and now they’ve gone back to work and maybe they’re not home as much and they’re just surrendering them.”

He says so many are getting surrendered at this point that the shelter stays full year-round.

“I think 76 is where we’re at right now. We’ve been up to as high as 80, 85, 86. Every week, we’re over capacity.”

He says the reason those numbers stay consistent is they struggle to find homes for them in the West Tennessee area.

Just last week, Reynolds transported 30 dogs to Nashville to give to sister shelters who don’t have the overflow as shelters do here.

“So we transport a lot to the northern states because they’re begging for dogs for adoption up there.”

Reynolds says he wishes more people would get dogs from a shelter versus a breeder, because in doing so, you’re actually saving a life.

“I mean, there’s plenty in the rescues that need homes and they’re the best ones.”

Currently, the shelter is operated outside of the Reynolds’ home, but construction is underway to have it’s own building to be able to shelter more dogs. It’s set to be completed by 2022.

If you’d like more information on how to adopt, foster or donate to the shelter, click here.

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