Warmer Wednesday, Rainy Thanksgiving, Cold Black Friday Shopping

Tuesday Night Forecast Update

Tuesday Night Forecast Update for November 23rd:

After starting Tuesday in the mid 20s, it turned out to be a nice afternoon. Temperatures tonight will be a bit warmer then last night due to an increase in humidity today from the light southerly breeze. The winds will kick up in speed and the temperature will climb tomorrow before Thursday’s cold front passes by. Rain showers & weak storms are likely on Thanksgiving. Cooler weather will return Thursday night after the clouds clear out making for a chilly morning for Black Friday shopping. Catch the latest details on your holiday and weekend forecasts coming up here.

May be an image of map and text that says 'STORM TEAM WEATHER wbbjtv.com St. Louis THE NEXT 48 HOURS Wednesday 9:20 PM Springfield FUTURECAST IBM MODEL WED 2:00 PM RAIN MIXED Ridoely 62° MILD Jackson SNOW 61° Little Rock Martin 60° Paris 59° 62° Huntingdon 59° Trenton 61° Alamo 62° 61 Brownsville 59° Cevington 63° Lexington 59° Jackson 60° Henderson 60° Parsons 59° Memphis 64 omerville 61° Jackson Bolivar 60° Savannah 60° 60° WARM & BREEZY WEATHER ON WEDNESDAY COLD FRONT TO BRING RAIN ON THURSDAY'


Mostly clear skies and light winds will allow temperatures to fall into the mid 30s again tonight. We will be warmer then last night due to the southerly winds that increased the moisture some around West Tennessee Tuesday afternoon.


West Tennessee should warm back up into the low 60s on Wednesday. Skies will be partly cloudy and mostly cloudy by the evening. Breezy south winds are also expected but that should help keep our nighttime lows in the mid 40s. Rain showers are expected to move in overnight towards sunrise on Thanksgiving.

May be an image of map, sky and text that says 'STORM TEAM WEATHER wbbjtv.com FUTURECAST IBM MODEL THU 7:30 AM RAIN MIXED Tiptonville Union City Martin SNOW Paris Dyersburg Trenton Ripley Camden Huntingdon Alamo FORECAST RAINFALL Friday 7:00 AM 0.5" Union City 0.7" Tiptonville Martin 0.6" Dyersburg Covington Jackson Brownsville Lexington 0.7" Trenton 0.5" Paris 0.8" 0.6" Huntingdon Camden 1.0" Ripley Parsons Alamo Henderson Memphis Somerville 0.7" Brownsville 0.6" Bolivar Selmer 0.8" 0.7" Jackson Lexington 0.6" 0.6' Parsons Henderson 0.6" 0.6" Somerville Bolivar 0.5" Savannah Selmer Savannah 0.5" Memphis RAIN LIKELY ON THANKSGIVING FEW WEAK STORMS POSSIBLE'


Mostly cloudy skies and rain showers will hang around for the first half of the day. Strong storms or severe weather is not expected. As the day goes on the showers will move out and the skies will clear out Thursday night into Friday morning. Highs will reach the low to mid 50s and the winds will be breezy switching direction from the south to the northwest in the afternoon. Temperatures will fall back down into the 20s by Friday morning.

May be an image of map, sky and text that says 'STORM TEAM WEATHER wbbjtv.com St. Louis THE NEXT 48 HOURS Thursday 8:10 AM Springfield COLD Lexington FUTURECAST -IBM MODEL FRI 6:00 AM HAIN Jackson Little LtRo Rock MIXED UnionCty 28° SNOW Ridgely 29° Dyersbury 29° 28° Trenton 28° 28 Camden 29° Hinnttaen 28° 29° 28° Covineton Covingto 29° ackson 28° 28° Lesingon 30° Jackson Parsons 30° Memphis 29° 28° Somerville 28° Belivar 28° Selmer 29° Savannah 30°'


Another chilly day is in the forecast for Friday. Morning lows will start in the mid 20s and highs will only reach the mid to upper 40s. Sunny skies are also expected and the winds will be light out of the south. Playoff football games are going to be cold with temperatures into the upper or mid 30s for the games. By Saturday morning, lows will fall back down to the low 30s again.


Like the last 2 weekends, Saturday looks to be nicer then Sunday. Another front looks likely to pass through on Sunday, but rain chances currently are pretty low associated with the front. Highs will make it to the upper 50s on Saturday and mid 50s Sunday depending on the timing of the weekend’s cold front. Weekend nighttime lows will fall down into the mid 30s.


Warmer and mostly sunny weather is expected to return to West Tennessee next week. Highs will make it close to 60° on Monday, and low to mid 60s on Tuesday. Winds will come out of the south and west early in the week.  More clouds will move in towards the middle of the week and rain chances will increase as the week goes on as well.


Not only are we beginning to crawl deeper into the fall season and freezing weather will be coming soon, we are also in our second severe weather season. So you need to stay weather aware to changing weather patterns and monitor the forecasts closely. We got you covered in the WBBJ 7 Storm Team Weather Center as always.

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