Educator of the Week: Kaitlen Lifsey

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Educator of the Week: Kaitlen Lifsey

Kaitlen Lifsey has been teaching English at Milan High School for seven years, but her love for English started years before that.

“Reading for me was like an escape. I can pick up all these different genres, and I can be anywhere I want to be,” Lifsey said.

Lifsey says she knew high school teaching was for her from the start.

“I job shadowed an elementary school, and it was just a lot of tears and a lot needier. I just clicked up here,” Lifsey said.

Lifsey has learned over the years how to peak her students interest.

“If I can get that hook in and I can compare what we’re learning to something that’s currently happening, or maybe even something they can connect to, I can keep that interest,” Lifsey said.

Lifsey says her students are her favorite part of teaching.

“I love my kids. Everyday it’s something. They make me laugh. They share their stories with me,” Lifsey said.

And Lifsey loves getting to watch her students grow.

“Watching them grow from this freshman who is scared to be in the building, to helping them with college applications. It’s very rewarding,” she said.

Lifsey says if she could say one thing to her students, she would say thank you.

“Today you showed me that regardless of everything that has happened because of the pandemic, and all of the changes in education, you proved to me that I matter just as much as y’all matter to me,” Lifsey said.

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