Heroes help to spread Christmas cheer in local town

BROWNSVILLE, TENN. — Some unlikely heroes came to Tennessee to help spread some Christmas joy.

One city enlisted heroes to help spread Christmas cheer. Soldiers from the Navy volunteered today to help officials in Brownsville decorate the city streets.

“So Main St. Brownsville puts on this event every year. It’s a free event for the community and we just want to bring Christmas cheer. So rather you have all the money in the world or don’t, this is something that’s free to anyone in the public,” said event coordinator Brittany Beaver.

She says her passion for Christmas has always been just that. A passion and that she wanted to share her joy of Christmas with everyone.

“I’m known as the crazy Christmas lady a little bit. We put up 11 Christmas trees at our house, because I love it that much and our kids love it. I wanted to bring it outside to the community and put in the effort to spread the Christmas cheer because everybody needs a smile,” Beaver said.

One Marine says he volunteered because of how special Christmas is and because of what it means to him.

“The holiday season is very important to a lot of people, especially for children. Coming out getting together to enjoy the holiday spirit. It takes place around the country and for me the holiday is a very big time to appreciate what you have with your family,” said  volunteer, Christopher Cruze.

While, other soldiers just wanted to let everyone know that they care.

“We support the community as much as we can, with fun events like this. We offer food or what not. It’s just to show that the military is here for you guys,” said Navy volunteer Gema Croddomejia.

Residents of Tennessee are encouraged to come and participate.

“If you’re in the Jackson area, or the Memphis area, we would love for you to come out and experience this,” Beaver said.

The display will be available to view in Brownsville through the end of December.

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