Local church showcases live nativity ceremony

FRIENDSHIP, Tenn. — Christmas is a favorite holiday for many. You can’t spell Christmas without Christ. Friendship Baptist Church brings a biblical story to life.

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“We’re just retelling the birth of Jesus for the community and for the community to come out and enjoy that time with us and so we can just for a little bit, just remind them the most important thing about Christmas,” says Friendship church member, Macy Henderson.


Friendship Baptist Church is showcasing a live nativity ceremony for the community.


“We do the live nativity to the story of Jesus Christ and his birth. That’s what we’re focusing on with Mary and Joseph and the major scene. We have a puppet stage as well where the puppets kind of tell half the story as well and it’s a story that we believe that people need to hear about so, we’re here to tell it,”says youth pastor, Shaun Powers.


It’s been four years since the church started the live ceremony and members say every year this is something they look forward to.


“When I was younger I could remember being in like the plays and having the big Christmas play and having fun doing that, I was like you know, the other little kids need this so, I just wanted to bring back that time so they can do it and remember it,” says Henderson.


The ceremony starts with a puppet show briefly explaining the birth of Jesus. Then, as you walk past the Bethlehem sign , the live nativity begins. 


When you walk to the live nativity, you’ll see three wise men, infant Jesus and of course Mary and Joseph. The actors re-enact the story of the birth of Jesus and explain the reason for the season. 


“Friendship is a great place, great people here, a friendship and we’re glad to be doing this for the community here just to remind people about what Christmas is truly all about,” says Powers.


Despite the rain, the ceremony still went on. Friendship Baptist Church would like to thank the community for the support.

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