Educator of the Week: April Gonzales

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Educator of the Week

April Gonzales is currently teaching at West Carroll Elementary School, but she didn’t start her teaching career until later in life.

“I’m not like most teachers. I didn’t dream of doing this when I was a little girl,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales’ first plan when she went back to college was to go into the medical field, but she soon fell in love with teaching.

“I started subbing when I was in school, and I fell in love with the kids,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales says teaching wasn’t what she expected coming out of college, but she doesn’t take any day for granted with her 3rd and 4th grade special education students.

“Some things were as expected, but school cannot prepare you for what you experience inside the classroom,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales is a special education inclusion teacher, which means she goes into different classrooms to help her students and others learn their curriculum.

“All kids are gen ed students first. You know we just come in for those that need a little extra help,” Gonzales said. “We’re not just a support for the kids, but we’re a support for the gen ed teachers too.”

Gonzales says it’s a struggle sometimes trying to reach every student.

“I know that we can’t reach everybody, but that’s what we strive to do. So when I can’t reach that one, it’s a hard pill to swallow,” Gonzales said.

However, Gonzales says struggle is what helps her connect with her students.

“I feel like because I struggled as a kid in school, and as well as an adult, that I can relate to the kids,” Gonzales said.

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