Residents work together to recover after damaging storms

BEECH BLUFF, Tenn. — Residents recover after powerful storms hit the Beech Bluff area.

Many West Tennesseans woke up to downed power-lines and trees folded over in half this morning after a long night of severe weather.

Neighbors in the Beech Bluff area are working together to clean up and make repairs.

Severe weather impacted several parts around the Southeast Friday night.

And there are several reports of damage in West Tennessee due to storms moving through the area.

While some residents left before the storm, some stayed home to take shelter.

“You could hear the wind real loud and it sounded like it was trying to pull the roof off my house. I’m surprised there’s a roof left,” said Beech Bluff resident, Stanley Cross.

Saturday morning, downed power-lines, trees pulled out of the ground and smashed cars gave the home owners a good idea of what happened.

“We heard the midnight, 12 am storms come through. I was awake when the 4 a.m. band came through. I don’t know actually which band did this, but I’m thinking tornado, tree top high; because of the tree tops that are broke out the way it looks across the street,” said Beech Bluff resident, Jeff Smith.

But residents near Beech Bluff have experienced this before.

“We’ve been here a long time and we had the 99′ tornado come through right across this bottom. The 2003, 2005 tornadoes come across this bottom. This is the closest and it’s hit right at home,” Smith said.

Now neighbors are sharing their chainsaws and four-wheelers, and electric power companies have brought out their bucket trucks.

Together, they are working to restore the area.

“I’m thankful to God that nobody’s hurt, family’s safe, that’s the most important thing to me,” Smith said.

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