Educator of the Week: Kathy Wysiadlowski

It’s time to recognize this week’s Educator of the Week, brought to you by the Tennessee Education Lottery.

Educator of the Week:

Kathy Wysiadlowski has been teaching at Lexington Middle School for 20 years now, but she hasn’t always been a teacher.

“I was in the manufacturing field for 15 years. I always had my teaching degree, and an opportunity came my way so I was able to start teaching,” Wysiadlowski said.

Wysiadlowski says she always knew she wanted to be with her 7th grade science class.

“It’s just where I wanted to be. I did my student teaching in 7th grade, and I just love the 7th grade kids,” Wysiadlowski said.

And while Wisialowski does love her job, there are a few struggles that come with it.

“They live in all different kinds of environments, so when they come to our classroom, we need to show them that compassion that they need,” Wysiadlowski said.

Wysiadlowski says she shows her students compassion just by being a genuine, supportive figure in their lives.

“I get to know them. I go to the games. I coach cross country. I just try to keep in touch with the kids and let them know I really do care about them,” Wysiadlowski said.

Wysiadlowski says she always wants them to do the best they can do.

“Just do the best you can do, and if you fail, there’s always a way to be successful. Just pick yourself up when you get down and don’t give up,” Wysiadlowski said.

And anyone can accomplish success in their own ways.

“Success is different for each person. There are going to be A students, and there are going to be students that struggle to get a 70. If they’re successful in themselves, that’s success,” Wysiadlowski said.

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