Santa delivers toys by helicopter to kids in Dresden

DRESDEN, Tenn. — Santa came early for one local community this year. And he came riding in on a helicopter!

Several organizations partnered together to bring Christmas gifts to those affected by the deadly tornado at Elks Lodge in Dresden.

“The least we can do is put the shine in these children’s eyes and let them know that hopes and dreams are still alive, and we will get through this,” said Richard Trevathan, with Elks Lodge.

Trevathan says there were $50,000 worth of gifts bought with the donations. He says they have more than enough presents to give out.

“We have received two 18-wheelers full of toys, packed full of toys. Hundreds of people coming in with a bag or two or a box,” Trevathan said.

Rylan Holdeman came to see Santa, but says he came for more than just sharing what is on his Christmas list.

“To spread the joy of Christmas,” Holdeman said.

Jamie Petty came with a friend who was affected by the tornadoes, and says it’s great to see a community banding together to help each other.

“It is many for the kids, and also their homes were destroyed. They don’t have toys for their kids. I think it is a great thing that they do for the community,” Petty said.

Trevathan says any toys that are not given will be placed in a storage facility until they can be given to children in the community.

Trevathan says more than 100 people showed up to the event to get a chance with Santa.

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