Madison Academic to welcome students to new building

JACKSON, Tenn. — It is out with the old and in with new for students of Madison Academic High School.

The students are starting the new year off inside of a new school building!

Madison Academy High School

School officials shared that they are excited for the first day of class.

“Next Monday, Jan. 10 will be the first day students will come on campus for full classes all day here on the site,” said Madison Academic High School Principal Chad Guthrie.

Guthrie also says that there will be an assembly by grade level to help the students navigate the new school before the spring semester starts.

“Thursday and Friday we’re going to have an orientation by grade level for students. Thursday for junior and seniors, and Friday is for freshman and sophomores,” Guthrie said.

The principal says he is excited to have more resources available for the staff and teachers of the school.

Madison Academy High School

“We have two labs just for biology classes, and we have two labs just for chemistry classes. Whereas in our old school, we had one lab that all of those teachers had to share,” Guthrie said.

He also says that they have partnered with the University of Memphis to host new programs, as well as incorporate new spaces for growth.

“The dual enrollment classes are all through them. We also utilize their soccer field. Their old football field is our soccer field. Now for the first year we use their gym. Our gym classes will be in their gym. Our basketball games, our home games are in their gyms, and we use their baseball field,” Guthrie said.

Madison Academy High School

Guthrie says they are working hard to make sure the students arrive at a school that they can be proud of.

“We’re still trying to work out some kinks here, finalize some things, and get the building completely ready,” Guthrie said.

Madison Academic officials say that they planned to host a community wide event in February to introduce the new school to the City of Jackson.

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