Thom Corley sworn-in as Jackson’s new Chief of Police

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Jackson Police Department welcomes a new chief to the force.

Assistant Chief Thom Corley was sworn in Monday to take on the role of Chief. Several local leaders spoke at the ceremony to support Corley stepping into this position.

“Chief Corley has dedicated his life to serving our nation, our state, and our community,” said Representative David Kustoff. “I don’t think there is anyone more qualified, more respected, or more prepared.”

Corley has served with the Jackson police force for over 30 years, and says being in a leadership role under former Chief Julian Wiser will hopefully make the transition easier for both him and his team.

“I’ve been on the command staff for the past 10 to 12 years, so I’ve been in a leadership role, and so I have gotten to know every one of them,” Corley said. “It’s great, you have that familiarity. You are just comfortable.”

He says he wants to continue Wiser’s work in making sure JPD has a strong relationship with the community, as well as collaborating with other agencies.

“Focus on collaborative policing, which is working with our partners to bring more resources,” said Corley. “It is not just the Jackson Police Department bringing what we have to bear, but we are going to partner with federal agencies and state agencies to bring whatever resources we need to address an issue.”

Corley says they are also going to continue policing in a way that protects constitutional rights, and says everyone is given those rights, so they should be protected.

“We are going to do our job the way we are supposed to do our job and within the constitution, within the laws that are out there. We are also going to protect those constitutional rights of everyone involved. Everyone is afforded those rights and we are the guardians of those rights, and that’s what we are going to do.”

Corley says he couldn’t have asked for a better team of men and women to lead, and can’t wait to get started.

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