The Start to Our Rainy and Windy Weekend Begins Soon

Saturday Evening Forecast

Weather Update – Saturday, January 8, 2022 – 5:15 PM


Ice has begun to melt as temperatures reached into the mid 40’s today. Sunny skies gave plenty of sunshine for part of the day but as showers approach, so do clouds. Overnight, we should see mostly cloudy skies with lows in the mid 40’s. Winds could remain in the 15-30 mph range with gusts a little higher. Storms overnight could remain very loud due to the current temperature inversion but should remain non-severe. Rainfall could remain very heavy at times and could possible lead to some localized flooding with melting ice accumulations as well. Those north of I-40 could find themselves in a marginal risk of the excessive rainfall outlook.




A cold front should pass tomorrow morning around 10-12 PM, leaving our highs for the day early in the morning. Non-severe storms and showers should taper off around 3-4 PM on Sunday, leaving drier conditions afterwards. Highs are expected to reach the lower 50’s by 8-10 AM but quickly begin falling afterwards into the lows of lower 20’s. Windy conditions will remain which could leave for a bitter cold wind chill outside tomorrow so make sure and bundle up. Clouds will begin to clear, leaving partly cloudy skies overnight and sunshine by Monday.



Sunny skies start off our week on Monday. highs in the mid 40’s could lead to a bitter cool start to the week but we should continue a warming trend into the weekend. Lows overnight Monday should drop into the lower 20’s with mostly clear skies continuing overnight. Clear skies continue Tuesday with highs still remaining in the mid 40’s. Lows are warming into the upper 20’s but still remain freezing. A mild warm front could clip part of West Tennessee, warming us by Wednesday into the lower to mid 50’s. Mostly cloudy skies pick up and last overnight with lows in the lower 30’s.

By Thursday, highs in the mid to upper 50’s continue with partly cloudy skies over the day. Wind flow shifts southerly, bringing more moisture and humidity. By Friday, highs still remain in the mid to upper 50’s with mostly cloudy skies. A cold front could be passing Friday evening into early Saturday morning with lows in the upper 30’s. The chance of showers and storms increases Friday after sunset and lasts in to Saturday afternoon. Highs Saturday remain in the lower 40’s with lows returning to the teens. Cloudy skies should dissipate by Monday, bringing another sunny and cold start to next week.


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