Heavy Rainfall on Saturday Leads to Flooding Concerns Across West Tennessee

Sunday Evening Forecast

Weather Update – Sunday, January 9, 2022 – 5:15 PM


Showers from last night’s system have tapered off from West Tennessee, giving us a dry next few days. However, rain totals ranged from 0.10″-3.60″ according to radar. This much accumulation matched with melting ice from snowfall earlier this week has led to some flooding concerns across the area. When you approach flooded roads, remember “turn around, don’t drown”. We have already reached our high of 56 this morning and continued falling in temperatures since then. However, strong wind gusts have made it feel a little cooler. Windy conditions will remain which could leave for a bitter cold wind chill outside tomorrow so make sure and bundle up. Lows will be in the lower 20’s but wind chills could be nearing the teens and single digits. Clouds will begin to clear, leaving partly cloudy skies overnight and sunshine by Monday.




Sunny skies start off our week on Monday. highs in the mid 40’s could lead to a bitter cool start to the week but we should continue a warming trend into the weekend. Dry conditions should remain, giving some time to soak up previous day’s precipitation accumulations. Lows overnight Monday should drop into the lower to mid 20’s with mostly clear skies continuing overnight.




Clear skies continue Tuesday with highs still remaining in the mid 40’s. Lows are warming into the upper 20’s but still remain freezing. A mild warm front could clip part of West Tennessee, warming us by Wednesday into the lower to mid 50’s. Mostly cloudy skies pick up and last overnight with lows in the lower 30’s.

By Thursday, highs in the mid to upper 50’s continue with partly cloudy skies over the day. Wind flow shifts southerly, bringing more moisture and humidity. By Friday, highs still remain in the mid to upper 50’s with mostly cloudy skies. A cold front could be passing Friday evening into early Saturday morning with lows in the upper 30’s. The chance of showers and storms increases Friday after sunset and lasts in to Saturday afternoon. Highs Saturday remain in the lower 40’s with lows returning to the teens. Lows overnight should drop into the 20’s but rise back into the lower 40’s by Sunday afternoon. Cloudy skies should dissipate by Monday, bringing another sunny and cold start to next week.


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