Kindness spreads in Haywood County for 7th annual tradition

HAYWOOD COUNTY, Tenn. — One local community is making sure everyone has a smile on their face.


“We need to have it more often in this town and everywhere else,” said Brownsville resident Anita Morris. “We need to have more kindness in this world.”

For the past seven years, Haywood County has recognized January 13 as Act of Kindness Day.

Founder Tommy Russell says it’s a way for community members to remind each other to always be kind to your neighbors.

“This is a great day,” Russell said. “This day commemorates the Act of Kindness program’s inception in Haywood County. Getting out and about and spreading kindness in Haywood County and Brownsville, Tennessee.”

Several businesses in the City of Brownsville have put up signs and placed “empowerment jars” in their windows. Each jar has messages of kindness made by the students at Scotts Street Community Center.


“People can go in and reach in that jar and pull out a little note that is going to lift their spirits,” said Russell.

Russell says there are ways the community can participate in spreading a little joy.

“We have encouraged people to come to their grocery stores and help people carry out the bags and take the carts back, greet them warmly and wish them a blessed day.”

The Brownsville Police Department got in the kindness spirit by helping residents with that task.

“Kindness is constant, it is not just one day, each and every day,”said Officer Isaiah Walker. “No matter COVID or whatever, we are still going to be kind no matter what because that is our goal and our purpose.”

Resident Anita Morris says she was pleasantly surprised to have a helping hand at the grocery store.

“Excellent! The police department especially was excellent,” Morris said. “I have never had that done before, I take care of my own groceries so it was a pleasure. We have some nice people in Brownsville, we really do.”

If you would like to participate in Act of Kindness Day, you can help shoppers carry groceries at Food Giant and Save A Lot all day Thursday. Businesses will also be extending their hours for “lunar shopping” in recognition of the day.

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