Multiplying Good: Ellen Deming

It’s time for Multiplying Good. It’s an award given to people making a positive impact in the community.
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Dr. Ellen Deming is the veterinarian going the extra mile to find cats in need of a home their perfect match.

“You don’t just rescue a pet, they rescue you, and these cats and rescue dogs too, they have so much love to give,” shared Dr. Deming.

Dr. Deming is the owner of Deming Veterinary service.
She’s spent 10 years in her Jackson office, not only serving animals, but taking it a step further.

“These are our habitat cats. They are all part of barn cat rescue. They are all cats that you know were either in high kill shelters or were headed to a high kill shelter. In the past 10 years from this location we have adopted out approximately 2000 cats to forever homes,” Dr. Deming shares.

Dr. Deming says there is a major problem regarding the lack of spay and neuter regulations, not only in Jackson, but in the south as a whole.

“One unaltered cat, unaltered female in her lifetime can be responsible for approximately 2 million unaltered cats,” Dr. Deming explains.

She says when you look at that math, the number of cats in need of a home is very hard for her office to deal with.

“You know on an average day we can probably take 5 to 10 cats into the rescue every day, and we can’t do that. We fund ourselves. You only have so much space, you only have so much time, you only have so much help,” Dr. Deming explains.

Dr. Deming says no matter the hassle, helping these cats is worth it.

“We love feeling like we’ve helped a situation by finding these cats a forever home for making sure they’re all altered, and for helping other rescue groups and spay neuter coalitions make sure that as many animals as possible are spayed and neutered to kinda help stop this problem,” Dr. Deming shared.

All the cats that leave Dr. Deming’s barn cat rescue are altered, fully vaccinated and fully vetted.
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