Latest On The Winter Storm And Why Less Snow?

Sunday Morning Update

Sunday Morning Forecast Update for January 16th:

So, Why Did We See Less Snow?

Meteorologist Brian Davis Explains Here:

Although the storm had great potential to produce large accumulations, temperatures were warmer than needed by as little as one degree in many locations. Add the complexity of the storm in general and the fact we need a layer of air within the storm to be thick enough at freezing and it makes it a very tough forecast. Had most of the rain turned over to snow and we managed to get a layer in the atmosphere just thick enough at 32 degrees or colder, we would be talking about several inches of snow this morning over most of west Tennessee and surrounding areas. North Jackson had close to an inch of rain overnight and that would have been around 10 inches of snow using the 10 to 1″ rain to snow ratio. We have to remember that POTENTIAL TO PRODUCE several inches and WILL PRODUCE are two different things. We will always lean towards warning people of the potential rather than regret not doing so.

When a layer of air at or below freezing that is to thin will produce only cold rain. This system was on the border line but at the same time had great potential to produce large accumulations as every model was pointing to.


Although the temperatures decided to stay home from 1 to 2 degrees of a big winter event, the snow is still falling in heavy bands just south of I-40 and will continue through early noon. Accumulations in some of those bands of heavy snow where the cold air has caught up could still be up to an Inch or more. There are still plenty of slick areas on roads as the temperatures have now dropped just below freezing in many locations.

Here is a look at StormTracker 7 Radar:

Snow will continue to come down in some heavy bands south of I-40 which will be capable of putting a quick inch or two in a short amount of time! Savannah and Selmer and areas nearby are still dealing with some moderate snow at times.



Snow will gradually wind down over the early afternoon with up to an inch in some of the heavier bands south of I-40. Highs will stay in the lower 30’s with gusty northwest winds up to 20 mph. Becoming partly sunny in the late afternoon with mostly clear skies tonight. Low of 26.

7 Day Weekend Morning

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Winter is far from over yet. Some of our largest snows come in late January and February. There could be more chances for severe weather though too as we get going into 2022 as well. So you need to stay weather aware to changing weather patterns and monitor the forecasts closely. We got you covered in the WBBJ 7 Storm Team Weather Center as always.

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