27 dogs rescued from home in McKenzie

MCKENZIE, Tenn. — The Animal Rescue Corps was able to rescue several dogs living in poor conditions.

The organization rescued 27 dogs at a property in McKenzie after EMS and law enforcement were in the property last week.

When animal rescue members arrived, they found 24 small dogs running loose inside the feces-covered home with high ammonia levels.

Two small dogs were found outside in a crawlspace, and one was outside unattended.

They also say at least three of the dogs are likely to be pregnant.

“The dogs have a lot of external parasites, fur loss, severe and painful matting, eye ulcers from the ammonia and other medical conditions that will be identified as we do more thorough exams,” said Tim Woodward, Executive Director of Animal Rescue Corps.

ARC says it will be sharing which homes and rescues the dogs were sent to on their Facebook page.

You can always donate to ARC’s efforts to save animals here.

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