Educator of the Week: Lauren Schraw

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Educator of the Week: Lauren Schraw

“My long-term goal was to get back here to where I grew up, where all of these teachers poured into me, and I wanted to be able to come back and do the same things they did for me when I was a child,” said Lauren Schraw, a third grade teacher at Caywood Elementary.

And that’s exactly what Schraw did!

She has been at Caywood for nine years now, molding her class into successful and happy students by creating a flexible environment.

“They’re happy to learn, you know. They want to be here. They are building those friendships. You have to foster that environment to make them want to love school and to truly be successful students,” Schraw said.

Schraw says it’s wonderful working with the other teachers at Caywood Elementary. However, what makes her standout and what best helps students is her flexibility.

“What might make my classroom a little different is the flexible seating. Us doing a lot of movement and physical activity during the lessons and just how each day is kind of different,” Schraw said.

Schraw always encourages her students to work hard and give it their best in whatever they do.

“That’s what I tell them. Today, it may seem really hard and it may not seem like you’re getting anywhere, but you really are getting somewhere,” Schraw said.

While academics are important, it’s only one small piece of being a successful person in life.

“It’s a puzzle piece. All the pieces go together — the whole child — you know? What do they need to be successful not only now, but later in life as well,” Schraw said.

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