Veterinarian talks ways to keep pets warm in winter

JACKSON, Tenn. — Every winter, hundreds of animals succumb to the cold weather across the county.

WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News Reporter Jeremy Jackson spoke to a local veterinarian on how you can keep your pet safe during the winter.

“The main rule to remember is if it’s cold enough for you not to be outside, then your pet doesn’t need to be either,” said Dr. Ellen Deming, with Deming Veterinarian Service.

Deming said if the animal can’t be brought in, there are things you can do to ensure they stay warm.

“They need to be provided with proper shelter. They need to be provided with extra food, extra hay, extra bedding to keep them off of the ground. And the main thing is a water source,” Deming said.

She says more than often, owners forget that water freezes over time and that can leave pets without a proper water source.

“We often forget that the water freezes so rapidly. So it doesn’t need to just be checked twice a day, it needs to be checked four to five times a day. When possible, not just ice broken, but a total fresh sample of water to slow down the freezing of that water,” Deming said.

Deming also said that for the animals that you can bring in or provide with heaters, be sure that the source is not able to harm them.

“So if you’re going to use a heat bulb, then make sure that heat bulb is secured and can’t be reached by the animal where they can either pull it down and cause a fire hazard or get burned by it. Make sure that they’re in a large enough area where if it gets warm enough they can get away from it,” Deming said.

Animal care experts say if you see a dog left out in the cold and without proper care, call law enforcement or animal control no matter the time of day.

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