School board chairman breaks down Education Vision Meeting

JACKSON, Tenn. — School board leaders met to discuss several topics during their Education Vision Meeting on Tuesday.

“These are three topics that will probably guide our system for the next three to five years,” said School Board Chairman Pete Johnson.

One of the topics discussed is which option was presented to the Madison County Finance Committee regarding Pope Elementary, and how many students — up to 1,250 — could attend a new school.

“They’re looking at the 1,250 option, which is a $48 million project. The other thing that we looked at is a design site plan that Dr. [Marlon] King came up with, preliminary. That included a high school, but what we are wanting to do is not get involved in the discussion of high school until we get the pre-k to 8th project rolling,” Johnson said.

School leaders also discussed the possibility of having a charter school in Madison County.


“We have a charter school application from a group from Michigan. So we had to put a team together to go through that process. So they have to give a recommendation to the full board by the month of May,” Johnson said.

And the Michigan group also has to show if their education criteria is equal or better than the one in Madison County.

“We have to approve. They have to show that they can do the academics,” Johnson said. “The testing, have a location, a proper environment for children and that way we can determine if we can do a better job than they can.”

Plus, school leaders discussed how they’re using ESSER grants to update their phone system.

“We’ve had tons of problems the last year or so with our phone system, so that’s one of the top capital projects that we will get rolling in the very near future,” Johnson said.

School board leaders will meet for the monthly meeting this Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at the school board’s central office.

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