Educator of the Week: Micah Williams

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Educator Of The Week: Micah Williams

Micah Williams has known since she was a child that a career in teaching was the one for her.

“I was an only child, so when my cousins would come over I took the opportunity to tell them they were to sit down and pay attention to my lesson, and I was just writing on the chalkboard and making them do whatever,” Williams said.

Since then, Williams has upgraded the chalkboard and moved into a classroom at Trenton Elementary with her pre-K class, where she has been for nine years.

And in her classroom, work and play go hand in hand.

“Across the top of my board, it says that play is the best kind of research, and that is definitely how pre-K surrounds everything,” Williams said.

And on top of play, William’s class is learning everything from phonetics to colors, to even reading on their own at 3 and 4-years-old.

“When I talk to my parents about it, they’re like, ‘That’s what you did in kindergarten.’ So they’re definitely stepping it up, and they’ve done great with it,” Williams said.

But not everything that Williams teaches them is academic, and one thing she wants her students to remember from her classroom is that school is a safe place for everyone.

“I hope that since I’m their first teacher they’ve ever had, that I make them realize that school is fun. That school is safe, and that they don’t dread coming everyday,” Williams said.

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