Local florists discuss impacts from flower supply issues

JACKSON, Tenn. — After reports across the nation of flower supply shortages, we spoke with local florists to see if they have been affected.

Kent Freeman, owner of J. Kent Freeman Floral Design, says this year has been more challenging than usual.

“There was a lot of juggling from different growers, farms, and wholesalers to get everything we needed. Where normally we can make one phone call, but unfortunately with the shortage and price increase, we had to do a lot of shopping and we had to do our homework this year,” Freeman said.

Freeman says the price of flowers have gradually increased, which impacts his bottom line.

“Our color roses seem to be inflated and our red roses seem to be inflated. We try to work, and we may lose money on those particular products because you can only charge so much in West Tennessee,” he said.

Jerri Maxwell, owner of Sand’s Florist & Gifts, says she believes the shortage is due to a lack of workers.

“Our plants are shrinking in size, but they are going up in price and a lot of it is due to they can’t get enough workers and then they can’t get them shipped here,” Maxwell said.

Maxwell says she is worried that prices will continue to increase, resulting in price hikes for the shop.

She says people are only willing to spend so much for flowers.

“Some people will say, ‘Well, I can’t afford to do that. I will just do something else for the family.’ You know if it’s a sympathy arrangement or something like that, Valentine’s, you know, they said well I can just take them to dinner instead of getting flowers,” Maxwell said.

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