New program for seniors meets for first time

JACKSON, Tenn. — In an effort to make sure senior adults live triumphantly in the Hub City, a local non-profit is giving them a fun day out.

Friday, the Salvation Army in Jackson hosted its first Senior Adults Living Triumphantly, orĀ  SALT.

The first meeting was an opportunity for seniors to voice their concerns and express what they feel they’d want to get out of being apart of the program.

SALT will consist of seniors meeting at least once a month to enjoy refreshments, play games, get to know one another, and even take a day out on the town.

Organizers say this was a huge need in Jackson due to the lack of things to do for elders.

“We don’t necessarily have a senior center yet here in Jackson, so we’re simply wanting to bridge the gap in between. So while we’re waiting for something else to be built, we wanted to go ahead and start something for them,” said Genevieve Dupree, the program coordinator for SALT.

“They’ll also have opportunities for service, and so a lot of them have gifts and talents that they want to give back and so they’ll be able to do that through this program,” said Lt. Mark Cancia, with the Salvation Army.

For updates on the program, check out the Salvation Army’s Facebook page.

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