Pet of the Week from Hero West Rescue: Tigger

This week’s Pet of the Week from Hero West Rescue is Tigger! Tigger is a 2 to 3-year-old male.

He is a Chihuahua mix who is on his way to living his best tri-paw-d life! Don’t let the fact that he is a tripod fool you!

Once Tigger warms up to you, he will run zoomies and chase a ball better and faster than any of his 4-legged companions!

He is also a sweet boy who loves to snuggle! Tigger is happy to curl up with his people on the couch or sleep-in with you in your bed.

But if co-sleeping is not for you, he is also happy on his dog bed or in his cozy crate with a small peanut butter filled Kong.

Tigger is looking for a patient owner in a quiet home that is willing to take things slowly with him.

It should be with someone that is willing to give him plenty of time to feel safe and a part of the family.

Tigger LOVES his bed and blanket in his crate, as he has come to learn that this is a safe space to store his most treasured toys and snacks.

A family with an established small dog companion would be best to help him feel secure and learn the ropes, as well as to provide him a playmate and help him settle in faster.

Tigger will need help socializing with people and going on new adventures, but with your lead and the help of a companion dog, does very well on confidence-building outings.

He is potty trained but will need an adjustment period while he learns your schedule. Tigger is dog and cat friendly and can’t wait to find his forever home!

If you would like to make Tigger a part of your family please message the Facebook page Hero West Rescue or call them (731) 313-7778.

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