Wingbar731 hosts Super Bowl watch party

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local restaurant in Jackson decided to celebrate the Superbowl with their customers.

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Wingbar 731 hosted a Super Bowl party in hopes of bringing the community together.

We spoke to customers to find out who they feel should take home the gold.

“I’ll say the Rams. I’m a Detroit Lions fan. They got our quarterback now, So you know, I’ll say the Rams,” said Bullard.

“My brother,  he’s a Bengals fan. I have a friend from Kentucky and he’s a Bengals fan. These are the only two Bengals fans I ever met in my life, so I feel like they deserve one,” said Reeves.

“I’m rooting for the Rams. I’m rooting for the Rams. I’m a 49ers fan but I’m rooting for the Rams though,” said Young.

“My money on the Rams, I want my 150,” said Yoni.

“Not really nobody specifically, it’s just whoever wins, type thing. You know I just like watching football so by the time the fourth quarter comes, whoever’s up there is whoever wins,” said Roach.

Customers also say, they heard great reviews about the restaurant  and wanted to check out the hype for themselves.

“I have been hearing a lot about it, so I came out here to check his signature sauce out, his 731 sauce. We drove up the road so we could check it out,” said Bullard.

“I came to get some wings. I just came to get some wings. I’m not from here. I was just, they asked me to come here and I was like I guess,” said Yoni.

  While others say they just wanted to spend time with their friends and family outside of their home.

“I came out to support them, you know, have some good food, good drinks and to celebrate with friends and other associates, enjoy the game,” said Reeves.

“I can go out now and you know, have the experience of other people because you know, back home, it was just me and my intermediate family. Now, you can kind of still go out and enjoy people you know,” said Roach.

Officials at the restaurant say they will be hosting more events that customers can participate in throughout the week.

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