Tips to sticking to a budget

JACKSON, Tenn. — Is sticking to a budget in your new year resolution?

Ashley Feinstein Gerstley, with the Fiscal Femme, has tips on how to keep a good budget going throughout the year.


Gerstley says a great way to start is sifting through subscriptions and seeing which ones are useful.

The firm has partnered with Affirm, a program that people can use to track their finances and manage payments for you to keep on a budget.

She recommends going through your budget once a month, and keep it simple.

“The simpler our finances are, the easier it is for us to track and plan for it. You can start with your accounts. Do you have any checking accounts or savings accounts that you are not using? Or maybe an old 401K that you need to roll over. We want to consolidate and simplify,” Gerstley said.

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