Sports fans say games bringing community back together

JACKSON, Tenn. — Local sports fans shared their opinion on whether sporting events are becoming more normal.


Fans during a South Side High School basketball game were able to agree on one thing.

“It feels like things are kind of getting back to normal, and that feels really good. A lot of people have wanted that sense of normalcy for a long time, so sports is kind of providing that,” said Rob Williford, a sports fan.

“You can really see at just about every game, you can see it a little bit more getting back to normal, to what it was,” said Jerry Ellis, a sports fan.

Other fans say taking precautions has helped to get things back to where we were before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Slowly but surely I’m seeing everything go back to normal. Of course everybody is still taking precautions, masks, social distancing, so I think it’s going pretty well,” said Nick Ross, a sports fan.

“I think we’re well on the way, and I think we’ve done well to survive as well as we have,” said Becky Ellis, a sports fan.

Some fans agree that watching their favorite sport helps them cope with the pandemic.

“I think it helps people to really get out, and you know, see people again and be a part of the sports program,” Ellis said.

“I know today we all have our own beliefs and disagreements or whatever, but sports is something that we all can come on. Come to sporting events and you don’t see any differences being shown. Everybody is out here just to support and have a good time,” Ross said.

Fans say watching sports in person helps them become a more close-knit community.

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