Exotic Pet Expo wraps up last day

JACKSON, Tenn. —Lizards, monkeys, and spiders, oh my! The Exotic Pet Expo is wrapping up their last day with some unique sales.

The Exotic Pet Expo is back and visitors can see all types of snakes, lizards, spiders, rodents, and more.

“I raise a variety of small pets. One being the rats and then mice, as well as guinea pigs. I do raise a few button quails and a few other kinds of birds and what not,” said Caroline Adam, vendor, Rodent Country.

Each year, vendors come to the expo to not only sell and show their exotic pets, but to also clear up a few misconceptions.

“It’s fun to educate! That’s what I love doing is educating people about the rats, because a lot of people are afraid of them. And they don’t know, like yourself, or wasn’t sure if they’re dirty animals. But they’re actually very clean animals,”Adam said.

Whether it’s a furry friend or a slithering snake, many bring their own pets to the expo to potentially find their pet another friend.

“I generally love animals. I think that every animal should go to a good home. So I always come here in search of other ferrets because sometimes people give you delays and stuff,” said Edalyn Duschl, attendee.

But if you’re not planning on leaving with a ferret, lizard or snake, you can always grab a few accessories to give your pet some swag.

“We take some special orders because a lot of the animals need special sizes and special fits. So we do the best we can to help people figure out what they need for their animals, within the best of our knowledge,” said D’Anna McMackins, vendor, Luv Fur Lucky.

Although today marks the last day of the expo, it will return soon in August and October.

The next Exotic Pet Expo will be August 20- 21.

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