Gibson County program gives students work experience

TRENTON, Tenn. — Students at different local high schools are getting real work experience.

Innovative High School Program

“These students have become a vital part of the workforce in our county, and we’re really proud of the work they’re doing,” said Emily Pitt, the Project Director for Innovative High School Program.

High school students in Milan, Peabody, Gibson County, and South Gibson County High School are participating in the Innovative High School Grant program, which allows them to work while going to school.

“They are learning how to juggle a school schedule and a work schedule, they’re learning time management skills, they’re learning excellent communication skills, and they are just really learning why it’s important to go to work,” Pitt said.

These students spoke in front of leaders with different organizations about their experience, and Pitt says this program helps students even after high school.

“What really sparked this program was having students re-imagine their day. We had work-based learning in the high schools before, but I think what sets us apart from a typical work-based learning course or program is that this is something these students can continue to do after high school,” Pitt said.

Pitt says this program helps the students with their career path.

“The students have a pretty intense application process. They sign a contract, they have teacher recommendations, school counselor recommendations, and then we go from there to place them in their career path of choice by doing a Career Interest Assessment with them to help determine where they would be the best fit,” Pitt said.

Some students say this program has helped them tremendously.

“It has impacted me in a major way because it motivated me to go to college and to continue in the path of being a nurse, or CNA, in that area,” said Peyton Carter, a senior at South Gibson County High School.

“I regret not being able to do it in the fall and waiting this long to do it because it’s really good experience, and it teaches you so many things and you get to meet so many people,” said Ann Taylor Elliot, a senior at Peabody High School.

If you or your student attends any of these Gibson County schools and would like more information about the program or would like to apply, you can ask an Innovative High School Grant staff member on the campus for an application.

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