Jackson couple okay after tree falls into bedroom

JACKSON, Tenn. — While many were sleeping, overnight storms were moving across West Tennessee and into the Hub City.

One Jackson couple was awakened by an unusual sound, and add that they are thankful to be okay.

“My wife was not sleeping well, and for some reason she was awake. It was about 10 minutes until seven and she heard a popping sound and it was really loud and she started screaming because she knew what it was,” said Carl Jones.

Around 7 a.m. on Thursday, Jones and his wife were in the bed when a tree in their backyard began to fall.

“Big tree in our backyard was coming down. She later jumps over the top of me, like to protect me was her instinct. She ended up screaming and about that time the boom hit like a thunder,” Jones said.

Thankfully, both Jones and his wife are safe. However, their home will need a few repairs.

“We looked up and there was a limb that came through our bedroom ceiling about 5-feet away from where I sleep, but not too serious. But it did come through the roof and ceiling. A few more branches came through the kitchen,” Jones said.

What was once known to Jones as the “The Peace Garden,” he and his wife say they won’t let this minor inconvenience discourage them.

“These things don’t bother me. You know, I look at it and realize that we’re alive, and I realized what happened last night to a lot of people in these other countries, this is nothing. You know what we go through, so first world problems. That’s all it is,” Jones said.

Jones and his wife both say that their Peace Garden will make a return, but first it’ll need a few repairs and a little cleaning.

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