Blue Suede Dinner and Auction packs Civic Center

JACKSON, Tenn. — Residents of Jackson gathered tonight to give back to those in need.

Saturday night the Exchange Club-Carl Perkins Center hosted a Blue Suede Dinner to raise money towards the prevention of child abuse.

Ron Tharpe, a coordinator of the dinner, says this is the one of the biggest nonprofit events in Jackson.

“We have a Fleetwood Mac tribute band that will play live for us. So we’re going to have a small dance floor and some great music. We have a great auction, it’s just a great time and we’re looking forward to having a great night tonight,” Tharpe said.

Tharpe says the turnout for this event has been the biggest they have seen. He says without the help of the community none of this would be possible.

“We’ve raised more money this year than we have in the previous years, and it has been fantastic with the outpouring of the community. The community has really responded. Jackson and West Tennessee have really stepped up,”  Tharpe said.

Tharpe says local stores donated over $20,000 of merchandise to help raise funds, so the exchange club could meet tonight’s goal.

“There are several items up for auction, many companies donate all of these items and so people pay for them. All the money goes towards the center and that helps those children who are dealing with abuse and helps those families who are dealing with abusive situations,”  Tharpe said.

He says the club is very excited to have such a turnout and the funds from this event will help a multitude of families in need.

“We’re very excited about what we’re going to be able to do in the community that we serve. We have a lot of buildings, we have a lot of programs that we’re trying to get launched and this is going to further help that,” Tharpe said.

Tharpe says on behalf of the Exchange Club-Carl Perkins Center, they would like to thank everyone who made this possible.

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