4th Tennessee Music Awards highlights state’s talent

JACKSON, Tenn. — The University of Memphis Lambuth hosted its 4th annual Tennessee Music Awards.

“Due to the pandemic, we didn’t have one last year. So these are a combination of the 2020-2021 awards that we’re giving to independent artist across the state of Tennessee,” said Dr. Jeremy Tubbs, the Director of Music and Entertainment at the University of Memphis Lambuth.

Tubbs says this event is something the university looks forward to each year.

The night includes various music groups performing and various awards being given to those in a variety of categories.

And Tubbs says they are voted on by people across the state.

“The voting process thing gives us out of thousands and thousands of categories and genres, gives us the top three for or five, and then those five go to another vote. So they actually have five to choose from. So it’s a month of nominations and about a month of voting,” Tubbs said.

Tubbs says it gives a glimpse of the wide range of talent throughout the state.

“We have two major music cities in the same state. There’s not too many other places in the world that can say that. When you think of England, it’s London. If you think of New York, it’s New York City. You think of California, it’s L.A. You’ve got the one spot, but here we have Memphis and Nashville, and we’re right in between the two and so we have a lot of talent. A lot,” Tubbs said.

He says this night each year represents an abundance of things for not only the Jackson community, but for others as well.

“We’re here to celebrate what we do. We’re here to celebrate music, the art of music, the people who create music, the people who are young and old, it doesn’t matter. Black, white, Asian, does not matter. We’re all here to celebrate together,” Tubbs said.

  • Entertainer of the Year: A Band of Jones
  • Male Vocalist of the Year: Will Burton
  • Female Vocalist of the Year: Liza Smith
  • Americana Artist of the Year: Hunter Cross
  • Blues Artist of the Year: Tyler Goodson
  • Bluegrass Artist of the Year: No Time Flatt
  • Choir of the Year: Lexington High School
  • Inspirational Artist of the Year: Chelsea Rhodes
  • Country Artist of the Year: A Band of Jones
  • Hip Hop/Rap Artist of the Year: Runaway Rocketship
  • Indie/Roots Artist of the Year: Hunter Cross
  • Marching Band of the Year: Lexington High School
  • Metal Artist of the Year: After Eden
  • Rock Artist of the Year: One Nyte Stand
  • Guitarist of the Year: Ian Bennett
  • Bassist of the Year: Mark Crawford
  • Drummer of the Year: Josh Weaver
  • Keyboardist of the Year: Luke Comer
  • Producer of the Year: Wes Henley
  • Music Video of the Year: “Does It Have Radio” — A Band of Jones
  • Song of the Year: “Does It Have Radio” — A Band of Jones
  • Songwriter of the Year: Chelsea Rhodes
  • Album of the Year: Whiskey & Whitley Bryan Moffitt
  • Radio Station of the Year: WYN 106.9
  • Radio Disc Jockey of the Year: Julie Cooke
  • Magazine of the Year: VIP Jackson
  • Venue (West TN) of the Year: Redbones
  • Venue (Middle TN) of the Year: Bluebird Cafe
  • Venue (East TN) of the Year: Ole Red Gatlinburg
  • Lifetime Achievement Award 2022: Chuck McGill and Paula Bridges McGill (two separate awards)
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