70s Continue this Week, Rain & Storms Return this Weekend!

Tuesday Night Forecast Update

Tuesday Night Forecast Update for March 1st:

Highs have reached 70° for most of West Tennessee on Tuesday and similar weather and temperatures will continue through Thursday. Clouds will increase on Friday and rain chances return on Saturday. Some storm activity is expected to return on Sunday and some of the storms could be strong. We will have more on the mid week warm up and the latest on the weekend storm threat coming up right here.

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Although the daily high temperature in February was above normal half the time, the cold spells were more intense leading to average temperatures for the month to end up being about 2° below normal. The coldest day was on the 4th with a high of only 27°. The warmest we hit was 71° on both the 11th and the 16th. We hit 70° today and should be warmer as we finish the week. It was a wet month though with Jackson seeing over 3″ of rain more then a typically February as well.

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River levels are going to continue to rise this week across some areas in West Tennessee and flooding is likely to continue to be an issue as the week goes on for some of our communities. The Tennessee River is currently in the moderate flood stage near Savannah and is forecast to stay in the moderate flood stage until Friday.

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The Forked Deer River near Jackson is going down and not currently flooding, but in the forecast in Halls is expected to stay in the minor flooding stage all week as well.

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The Mississippi River is also remaining high in the minor flood stage and will continue to rise at times this week, but it should stay below moderate flood stage.

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Clear skies are expected across West Tennessee tonight. The winds will stay light out of the southwest and that will keep most of us out of the 30s. Expect overnight lows to drop down to around 40° tonight.


Sunny skies are expected to dominate over West Tennessee this work week as a large area of high pressure is forecast to linger around the region. Highs should reach the low 70s for both Wednesday and Thursday. The winds will stay out of the west during the middle of the week but could come out of the southwest on Wednesday and possibly the northwest on Thursday. Lows will dip into the low to mid 40s overnight during the middle of the week. Enjoy some really nice weather for a few days!


Highs on Friday could warm into the mid 70s but some clouds will be increasing towards the back half of the day. The timing of the next system is still being determined but it does not appear that it will impact West Tennessee until the upcoming weekend. The winds will start to come out of the south on Friday and that will start to set the stage for our next chance for showers and storms into the weekend. Friday night lows will drop into the mid 50s.


The weekend is expected to be warm and humid and chances for showers and storms will return to the Mid South. Thunderstorms appear to be likely for some as the system moves through but the timing and location of the most significant weather is still yet to be determined.  Highs will still reach the mid 70s on Saturday and Sunday. Lows Saturday night should only fall down to around 60°. Be sure to keep an eye on the forecast as the weekend gets a little closer, especially if you have outdoor plans.


With storms returning this weekend, and as we get closer to the heart of severe weather season in West Tennessee, here are some interesting facts about lightning that you might not have known in the graphic below. Also, did you know that there are multiple types of lightning? For example, there’s “intra-cloud” and “cloud-to-ground” flashes. Cloud-to-ground lightning can either have a positive or negative charge depending on what part of the cloud it comes from! Visit weather.gov/safety/lightning-science-types-flashes for more info on lightning science.

May be an image of lightning and text that says 'Lightningis hotter than the surface of the Sun and can reach temperatures around 50,000F Û weather.gov/lightning Lightning Safety Indoors Don't touch weather.gov/lightning cörded Did you know that lightning can reach temperatures around 50,000°F? That's five times hotter than the surface of the sun! exterior cords balconies contain electroni @NWSMemphi storm The sound of thunder travels about a mile every 5 seconds. If you count the seconds between the flash of lightning and the crack of thunder and divide by 5, you get the number of miles away from you (10 seconds is 2 miles). Weather.gov/Memphis Memphis'


We are still in the middle of winter here in West Tennessee and we currently could see more rounds of winter precipitation in the coming weeks. There could be more chances for severe weather though too as we get going into 2022. So you need to stay weather aware to changing weather patterns and monitor the forecasts closely. We got you covered in the WBBJ 7 Storm Team Weather Center as always.

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