State officials visit new mental health facility

JACKSON, Tenn. — State leaders visited the Hub City to see a new facility.

Several state and local leaders visited the new mental health facility that will be a part of the Madison County Jail.

“Being able to come down and see what takes place and how that money is spent and more than that the lives that are changed by these dollars. It’s important that when we spend dollars that we get results, and what we’ve seen here in Madison County today is an excellent example of well spent state dollars,” said Sen. Ferrell Haile.

Sen. Ed Jackson says this new facility will help those that need help.

“Instead of people being incarcerated and keep coming back to prison or jails, they are able to get some counseling and things that they need,” Jackson said.

Commissioner Marie Williams says investment in mental health is important.

“We know that when you’re struggling with mental health and you’re not involved in treatment that sometimes bad things can happen because you’re not in a good place. What we also know is that going to jail is not where you need to go when you have a mental health issue and you’re not in a good place,” Williams said.

She also says this facility was possible thanks to a $3.1 million grant from the state and will help fund other programs.

“Programs like this transportation diversion where you have vans come up that don’t have lights on them and people feeling like there’s something horrible or wrong with this person or stigma that’s been taken against this person, that is what this does,” Williams said.

Madison County Sheriff John Mehr says due to supply chain issues, the facility is expected to be completed sometime this spring.

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