TCA hosts special event welcoming new students

JACKSON, Tenn. —A local school is showing parents and students that creativity and learning both belong in the classroom.

Trinity Christian Academy opened their doors for future parents and students in a unique way.

“We hosted our first Saturday storytelling event for Pre-K and K families. We had the theme of grow a TCA student and this gave us an opportunity to talk about how TCA can help families really grow their children into their full potential,” said Jenni Moffett, Elementary Coordinator, Trinity Christian Academy.

The event started out with a story time and then students planted their own flowers while also decorating plant holders.

“Then we took them on a tour of the building and showed them into our Pre-K classrooms. They had a chance to visit the different centers and experience the different things we offer for our students in the classroom,” Moffett said.

This event gave parents a chance, to not only get comfortable with the environment, but also build a connection between themselves and the staff.

“It can be a scary experience to leave home and go into a building where maybe mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aren’t their with them everyday. And so being here today allowed those children an opportunity to see what it’s like in the classroom, to see those soft comfortable spaces,” Moffett said.

With the school year winding down in less than four months, TCA plans on having even more events to allow parents and future students to see what they offer.

“We have a preview day where future kindergarten through sixth grade families can come in, and they are going to be able to spend part of their morning in the classroom of the upcoming year,” Moffett said.

The next preview day for TCA will be held on March 8, for more information you can contact the TCA main office.

To learn more information about Trinity Christian Academy, you can visit the ‘Seen on 7’ section of our website.

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