Contest lets community name Jackson’s next baseball team

JACKSON, Tenn. — In The Big Inning is asking the community to help find a name for the new baseball team coming to the Hub City.

Jackson Ballpark

“It is going to create a pride, and I think creating that pride factor, that is neat. We want people to be proud of it,” said In The Big Inning CEO Dennis Bastien. “We want them to come up with names, crazy, unique, different, something that rolls off the tongue, that is catchy, something that people can hang their hat on.”

Bastien says it is as simple as one, two, three.

“Go to our website,, enter a name, hit submit. The first 500 unique and eligible entries, we will personally mail them a $2 bill,” Bastien said.

Bastien says anyone that wins a $2 bill can either keep it or redeem it at the Ballpark.

Name Your Team

“You can save it and use it for $5, Jackson $5 in our merchandise room at any time in the 2023 season,” Bastien said.

The contest will run until March 31. Bastien says that is when they narrow down to five finalists.

Jacksonians will then have the chance to “Guess our team.”

General Manager Steve Desalvo says he is excited to see what Jacksonians come up with.

“Really looking forward to seeing what people are going to come up with because I know people can get pretty creative. It is probably going to be interesting on some of the names, but I’m pretty confident that we are going to come up with something that they will be happy about and really proud of,” Desalvo said.

Got a creative name? Submit it here!

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