Group shares tips on restoring old photos

JACKSON, Tenn. —¬†They say pictures are worth a thousand words, but what if that photo didn’t have a date or a name?

One local group is learning how to preserve their history one photo at a time.

The Midwest Tennessee Genealogical Society held a presentation for members and the public on tips, tricks, and techniques on restoring old photos.

“I did a presentation on photo restoration and identification, and the important part of it all, other than the restoration, was the identifying photos because there are so many photos out there that people have that have no names on them,” said Steven Harrison, the editor of Family Finding.

Harrison says before restoring a photo, identifying the person is the first step of restoration.

“Get them identified first, if you can. And once you restore them, the best thing to do is to actually put the name on each photo on the front, get it written on the back. Now lets do a digital version of it and put it on the front for everybody to see,” Harrison said.

Identifying people in photos is the hardest part of the process.

However, Harrison says restoring is quite easy. The difficulty comes in when you have an aged photo.

“There are a lot of photos out there that, like my grandparents had, that over the years there is wear and tear,” Harrison said. “You saw the ones with the face almost taken off of it? There’s a lot of photos like that, and those are the toughest ones to restore.”

If you find old pictures in your house, don’t be quick to throw them away.

Instead, Harrison says preserve and ask relatives for more information.

“Remember, talk to your grandparents, talk to your aunts and uncles. If you’ve got photos that need to be identified, they’re the ones that would know. Or should know,” Harrison said.

Harrison says the one of the best programs to restore your photos is Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Along with the program, he says you will need a scanner.

If you are interested in learning more about photo restoration or if you’d like to view the meeting, click here.

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