The University of Memphis Lambuth hosts True Blue Day

JACKSON, Tenn. — The University of Memphis Lambuth campus hosted their True Blue event to celebrate alumni and their achievements.

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Amanda Smith, President of the Lambuth alumni board says, the university host events like this to raise proceeds for student scholarships, as well as honor those who came before her.

“These proceeds go to benefit our scholarship funds, so we’re helping further the legacy of the Lambuth campus through the support of our alumni and friends at the university,” Smith said.

Kimberly Grantham, Associate Vice President for advancement at the University of Memphis, says events like this are important to encourage students to continue their education.

“Seeing that this campus and the experience of  graduating from this campus is so important, that people from all over make an effort to come back and spend the whole day here to celebrate that they were Memphis Lambuth Tigers is very inspiring,” Grantham said.

Cary Vaughn, the national board of alumni for the U of M says, he looks to the alumni of the university for wisdom and advice.

He says nothing can happen without the support from the graduates of the university.

“We like to hear from them, gain wisdom. We want their involvement, we want them to roll up their sleeves and serve on a committee, help put events like this together but we also want their investments. So input, involvement and investment. So, those are the three keys, those are the three essentials to really a successful alumni chapter,” said Vaughn.

University of Memphis Lambuth campus officials say they will host more events to honor students and alumni in the near future.

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