West Tennesseans make prayer a priority

JACKSON, Tenn. — Many west Tennesseans gathered to make prayer a priority on Thursday afternoon.

For many years, people across Jackson have gathered at the courthouse on the National Day of Prayer to pray and worship.

“We continued the tradition here in Jackson, which has gone on for many years. Of meeting together on the National Day of Prayer at the courthouse to pray together as a community and with people of all different denominations,” said Henry Richerson, Pastor and Jackson Area Ministerial Association member.

The National Day of Prayer first began in 1952, and it has been celebrated on the first Thursday in May. It is to pray for not only local issues, but national issues as well.

“It has continued since the days of Harry S. Truman, of calling people in the country to come together and pray. Pray for our country, pray for our leaders,” Richerson said.

While many things were prayed for, Richerson says it’s important to remember the blessings we have also received.

“We’re thankful for many blessings in Jackson that some cities don’t have, and we pray that God continues those in our city and that God continues to shower those blessings on Jackson,” Richerson said.

On the National Day of Prayer, Richerson says everyone is welcome to come and worship together, no matter your denomination or differences.

“Even though we worship differently on Sunday, and gather all over the city and the county, we come together united in Christ, in brothers and sisters in Christ. Regardless of denomination, regardless of anything, we’re one in Christ,” Richerson said.

And even those of different walks of life are welcome to come worship and join in prayer.

“We had leaders in the community, we had people of all walks of life, and that’s the nice thing of coming together. We’re all equal, regardless of what we do or who we know. We’re equal,” Richerson said.

Organizers say they plan to continue the tradition next year, on the first Thursday in May.

Other events marking National Day of Prayer include a prayer breakfast in Carroll County and also in Jackson.

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