Assault on bus driver leads to meeting with school officials

JACKSON, Tenn. — On May 6, we brought you the story of a Jackson-Madison County school bus driver who was assaulted by a parent. On Tuesday, May 10, a few drivers met with school officials.

“They are working towards some things and getting things in place for next school year,” said Jackson-Madison County Schools bus driver Rita Tibler.

Helen Manuel Harrison has been driving buses for 25 years. On April 29, while she was doing her normal routine, a parent came onto the bus and assaulted her.

“Things going on with students these days and time, parents and children being friends, and they take whatever the child say and do it like they want to do it, maybe if I would’ve had a shield on my bus it could’ve been prevented,” Harrison said.

Although Harrison is feeling better, we asked her if she could say one thing to alleged attacker Tiffany Lewis, what would it be?

“She let the devil use her and then the devil went on further, and to her and her daughter, I think you should’ve questioned her a little bit more, you should’ve came to the school, talk to the principal or talk to my supervisor and get the whole story, not just take her word,” said Harrison.

After meeting with school officials, Harrison and other drivers say they’re hopeful to see some changes for the upcoming school year. But as of now, Harrison wants everyone to know that she is doing well.

“I’m not going to let that stop me, I’ve been out for three weeks, I will be out for three weeks, and I’m going back to do summer school and I’m going back when school starts back,” Harrison said.

Tiffany Lewis is expected to appear at Jackson City Court at 9:30 a.m. on May 11.

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