Law enforcement partnership leads to multiple arrests

HUNTINGDON, Tenn. — The Huntingdon and McKenzie police departments partnered with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to crack down on drug trafficking in Carroll County.

On Wednesday, four individuals named Kayla Hampton, Amy Hampton, Russell Groves, and James Warbritton were arrested on drug related charges.

Joey Hedge, a drug investigator for the Huntingdon Police Department, says that illegal drugs have been an ongoing problem in Carroll County.

“We executed a search warrant at 187 Cotton Lane here at Huntingdon, Tennessee. And upon executing a search warrant, we found multiple baggies containing what is believed to be methamphetamine,” Hedge said.

Hedge says they found syringes, digital scales, and other items containing drug residue.

He also says the price of some drugs seem to be decreasing, making them more accessible.

“The price of methamphetamine has gotten lower because there is so much methamphetamine out there. It’s saturated. So you see quite a bit of it out there,” Hedge said.

The two departments have been working closely with TBI for the past year. Hedge says in that year they have made more arrests than they thought possible.

“We have definitely put a dent in it. It’s going to be hard to stop, I mean realistically, but we have. We put a dent in the drugs around this area,” Hedge said.

Hedge says if your dealing drugs, now is the time to stop because sooner or later the law will come for you.

“If you come to our town, we’re going to arrest you if you’re doing drugs. We might not get you today, it might not be tomorrow, but we’re going to get you sooner or later. Your luck will run out and we’re going to get you,” Hedge said.

The Huntingdon and McKenzie police departments have made eight drug related arrests this week with the help of TBI.

Hedge says they’re doing all they can to keep the streets clean and clear of drugs and paraphernalia.

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