Local parents struggle to find formula

JACKSON, Tenn. — Parents are struggling to find an essential item for their children.

“He is 6-months-old, and it is impossible to find right now,” Charlestra Mosley, the grandmother of an infant.

Baby formula is among items affected by supply shortages.

Lisa Thompson says she has been to three stores and still cannot find formula.

“I have looked as far as Clarksville for formulas. It is just the luck of the draw if you find any or not,” Thompson said.

The Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department WIC Center has had to adjust to the recent shortage.

Bonita Webster, with WIC, says they have had to provide their participants with substitutions.

“If they are unable to find the particular item that they are prescribed, then they can call us. Those substitutions are only going to be for a limited time until things are back in stock,” Webster said.

When parents can’t find formula at the store, some turn to the internet. The Better Business Bureau warns those that do to stay cautious.

“Be really careful that you are buying baby formula from reputable sites that you trust. Be on the lookout for third party sites, sites that you have never heard of before that are selling baby formula. Just make sure that you double check that those are real because they are popping up all over the country,” said David Irwin, the Director of Public Relations for the Better Business Bureau.

With the baby food supply uncertain, it leaves those with infants to care for feeling anxious.

“She goes through at least a can every three or four days. It is terrible, terrible, because you don’t know how you are going to feed your baby if they are out of milk,” Mosley said.

“It makes you very anxious because you want only the best for your child, or grandchild in my case. It does. It makes you very anxious and nervous for them. Everyone is looking for formula. I mean everyone,” Thompson said.

Thompson says some stores have limits of up to three containers of formula to keep formula on shelves.

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