Fallen law enforcement officers honored with memorial

JACKSON, Tenn. — May 11 through the May 17 marks National Police Week.

Law enforcement officers from several agencies gathered at the Carl Perkins Civic Center to remember those who’ve passed before us.

“It’s just a opportunity to show our respect and pay our respect to law enforcement officers from our local community who have given that ultimate sacrifice and died in the line of duty,” said Jackson Police Chief Thom Corley.

Flags flew at half staff as local law enforcement and family reflected on those who gave their life to service.

“We couldn’t work from home. We had to be out during COVID, and several officers died from contracting COVID across the country,” Corley said. “Then obviously the felonious assault against officers, traffic fatalities, there’s just a number of things that officers are faced with that could take their life.”

Hannah Gatti lost her brother three years ago in the line of duty. She says today she feels a sense of somber.

“I guess it kind of never necessarily gets easier, just kind of figure how to cope I guess. But it was really good. It was nice to feel love from so many people that just don’t even really know you, but feel that connection with you,” Gatti said.

Three years later, Hannah shared what she would say to her brother if she had one more chance to do so.

“I’d probably say good job. Yeah. He did a good job,” Gatti said.

Overall, the day gave family members and law enforcement officers the chance to talk about past memories of those close to them.

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