Residents come together to celebrate their hometowns

MEDON, Tenn. — Local communities come together for a special occasion.

“We’re just a little country town for everybody to come and enjoy, enjoy each other and enjoy Medon for sure,” said Tammy Anthony, Medon Resident.

The City of Medon is celebrating its Heritage Day by letting everyone…

“learn about Medon, because we haven’t had anything like this since 1986, so this is a good thing for sure,” Anthony said.

Anthony says Medon is known for a particular drink.

“In the 1950’s people from New York would come and get moonshine from us. We actually have a moonshine still in here that was actually part of Medon, so that’s kind of what we’re a part of,” Anthony said.

Brown’s Church and Cotton Gin Grove communities are also celebrating their Heritage Days.

“I’m a seventh generation Tomlinson in this community. I’m just absolutely thrilled that we have people interested in bringing memorabilia and showing up to read the memorabilia that they are interested in the history of our community,” said Lee Tomlinson, Brown’s Church resident.

Tomlinson says each community has something to offer.

“All these communities in Madison county are unique in their own respect,” Tomlinson said.

He’s also thankful for those that want to learn more.

“They’re just doing this on their own because they believe in communities. Small communities in our country is what makes our country great,” Tomlinson said.

The next Heritage Day will be next Saturday at the Bemis Mill Village Museum.

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