Unique game brings athletes together in the Hub City

JACKSON, Tenn. –One sport is bringing athletes from across the south to the Hub City.

“You’re seeing a sport that is growing at a fast pace and we have a lot of people in this tournament, said Julie Wigger, pickleballer.

Pickleball players from across the south participated in the Jackson Summer Classic tournament.

Wigger, a local pickleballer, says this helps athletes and the Hub city.

“You get to be together with all your pickleball friends that you’ve made overtime and it’s a good experience. It helps build our skills and it also brings tourism and attraction to Jackson,” Wigger said.

Trevor Fredrickson, a pickleballer from Murfreesboro says he was excited to come to the tournament.

“We decided to register and see what this community had to offer for pickleball and play in some of the tournament brackets,” Fredrickson said.

And for some pickleball players, this game is more than just a sport where they’ve learned multiple life lessons.

“I had some very serious abdominal surgeries. I was limited as to what I could do physically and I thought I would never get in good shape again and I have been able to a healthy body because of pickleball,” Wigger said.

“It teaches you how to control, how to have a pace and how to wait for great shots and just develop a patient game to be able to keep progressing so it definitely teaches you a lot of patience,” Fredrickson said.

If you would like to see when the next pickleball tournament is, visit the ‘Seen on 7’ section of our website.

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