Volunteers help Scarlet Rope build new home

JACKSON, Tenn. – The Scarlet Rope Project is getting a new place to help victims of sexual assault.

People from across the country are coming together to help build a new residential building for the project in Jackson.

Not too long ago, the house was nothing but a concrete slab. Now it has walls, windows and group of volunteers putting in their all.

“And then we have this awesome organization called Eight Days of Hope that has been with us for 10 days. They have framed and roofed and put the windows in our house, and all that was free labor,” said Julanne Stone, Executive Director of the Scarlet Rope Project.

The Tupelo-based group travels across the country to help areas affected by disasters.

“We travel on a moment’s notice to help families rebuild after natural disasters. We have 8,000 families rebuild homes for free. Three years ago we started a new arm of the ministry, where we partner with ministries to build them a facility they can use to provide hope to those feeling hopeless, those rescued from sex trafficking,” said Steve Tybor, President and Founder of Eight Days of Hope.

He says their work with Scarlet Rope is their 10th project.

“Our volunteers come from around the country. These are skilled professionals. They donate their services for up to two weeks,” Tybor said. “Twelve days ago, there was a slab of concrete. You see today there is a roof, its framed, windows, siding, sockets put on. Again, we do it for free.” 

Tybor says that a lot of the furniture that will be in the home have also been donated.

“We have some amazing partners that donate brand new furniture and appliances to us, so we make that available to our friends that are doing ministry work,” Tybor said. “Scarlet Rope, a lot of the furniture that will be inside this building would have been donated by furniture companies across the country through Eight Days of Hope.” 

Stone says the new building will be able to serve nine women and is long-term residential.

“And in this home we are going to have not only their living space and their bedrooms, but we will also have a technology room where they can do job applications, schoolwork, things like that. We’ll have meeting rooms for them to meet with counselors,” Stone said.

As of now, the building is expected to be completed and operational in the end of October and into November.

Both organizations say you can help them in their missions.

“If you’d like to learn more about Scarlet Rope, you can visit us at our website scarletropeproject.com, and you can follow us on Facebook or Instagram to just see the progress of the house, and to find ways to volunteer and even to donate,” Stone said.

Tybor says you can help Eights Days of Hope through their website.

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