West TN state park invites visitors to experience history

SHILOH, Tenn. –A local park is taking visitors back in time.

“We’ve been firing the artillery piece to teach people what it was like being on a cannon crew, it’s Memorial Day weekend so we chose this weekend to do it,” said Timothy Arnold, Park Ranger, Shiloh National Military Park.

This event is part of Shiloh National Military Park’s Memorial Day celebration. One visitor says seeing the cannon firing connects with him.

“I kind of relate to them shooting the cannons because I used to do a 21 guns salute with 75 millimeter pack howitzer in the Army at my first duty station,” said Bryan Dixon, visitor from Missouri.

Dixon says this is a great opportunity to learn more about history.

“We shouldn’t forget about the past, learn from it, it’ll teach us lessons for the future,” Dixon said.

He says seeing it in person has a bigger impact than reading about it.

“You can read it in a book, but it’s better to visualize and see it actually in action,” Dixon said.

Which is one of the parks’ goals.

“We think it’s important to educate people, so that they actually know what the soldiers went through, what it sounded like, what it smelled like, even with the black powder smoke,” Arnold said.

For more information on the park and when their next events are, visit the ‘Seen on 7’ section of our website.

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