Jackson-Madison County schools discuss teacher pay

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Jackson-Madison School System is in the final stages of putting together a proposed budget.

Tuesday evening continued the conversation of what should be included in next year’s budget and what should not.

“Always, you know, the budget amendments are very important because there’s oversight in the way that the school district spends funding. And so we appreciate Karen Bell and her guidance through many of these finance conversations,” said Greg Hammond, Chief of Public Information for the Jackson-Madison County School System.

The biggest discussion of the evening was the potential to increase teacher’s pay.

“We want to be the school district of choice, not just for students and families. We also want to be the school system of choice for teachers, and so part of that whole conversation is being able to compensate teachers competitively,” Hammond said.

Hammond says this comes after seeing such a success in the classroom regarding test scores within English and Language Arts.

He says when looking at a school budget, the question arises on how the funds can improve the classroom.

“No matter how much money you spend in the budget, if you’re not seeing the results in the classroom, it doesn’t matter. And so we’re starting to see results. And so now it’s, ‘Okay. How can we be strategic in the way that we spend those funds.’ And number one, we want to attract the best teachers and you do that through a competitive pay schedule,” Hammond said.

Also discussed was the need to hire social workers, school nurses, and math teachers.

The school system will present its proposed budget next Thursday to the Madison County Budget Committee.

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